Plan and Make A Career in Digital Marketing

Nowadays, Digital media is making its own presence. Everybody is going digital. Digital Marketing has a lot to offer to the business. There are multiple ways to promote the business online. Digital Marketing is very monotonous. However, there are some important aspects in digital marketing to promote the business.

Let’s Discuss!

As the name suggests, SEO is the way to promote and increase the online visibility of the business. It is related to Google ranking. There are so many points to keep in mind while doing SEO. Search engine optimization has two aspects

On-page: It is very important to get the appropriate structure for the website. The website without proper structure cannot bring the traffic and conversion for your business and the company.

Off-page: Now you made the website but there is no traffic on the website. Here, comes off-page to build and increase the network of the business through the “Link submission”.

Now, What is Link Submission?

It is the way to promote your business across various social media and external platform like the Guest Post, Social Bookmarking, Blog commenting and there are so many things to do to promote and increase your brand presence.

There are a lot of SEO jobs available in this field right from big companies to small and medium level businesses.

Now we can discuss other aspects of Digital Marketing.

Social Media

One of the strongest and aggressive way to promote and make a very consolidated presence for the business. Social Media makes a lot of conversion for the business. Nowadays, every business wants their presence in the market. Since there is so much competition in every market, every owner and Digital Marketing manager wants a professional individual who has good and creative skills in their team.

There are so many social media executives, manager and specialist jobs available in the market. Since there are so many portals, you can search for jobs and get the relevant one in just one click. Aasaanjobs is one of the fastest growing portal in India for the Job Search.

Search Engine Marketing

  • Search engine marketing(SEM) is a part of digital marketing & it is commonly used for the business benefits.
  • It is a paid service & is majorly used for promotion of the website.
  • One can use SEM for visibility & rank for a keyword on the top position in the search engine.
  • There are various other search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo where you can run your ads and bring conversion for the business.
  • SEM Google is widely used in varied ways as it occupies worlds biggest market shares.

Email Marketing

The Email-Marketing is the way to send the commercial and individual messages to the client. It usually involves sending an advertisement, request business, and trust and build brand awareness among people.

Using this a career alternative, Individual can make his/her career in Email-marketing and Lead generation in initial days and after some years of experience, they can become Team Lead.


However, as per the analysis, Digital Marketing has a bright future in India thereby generating more Digital Marketing jobs and there is a lot of scope to plan and make a career out of this field.